Detoxing chems/molds with integrative doc vs. seeing Dr. Chheda


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Hi all,

After giving up on CFS research and treatment for 10 years (I am 54 and have had it since my teen years), I am back to seeing if I can get anywhere with it. I was planning on seeing Dr. Chheda but heard of an integrative medicine doctor who treats ME/CFS and so decided to try him first to save money. Now I am having 2nd thoughts and wondering whether I should see Chheda. (I am separated and won't be able to afford out-of-network CFS treatment (which means anyone who's good) after my divorce, although it's going to be a slow process.) I'm looking for thoughts on this.

My doctor knows about Naviaux's Cell Danger Response and sees chronic illness as being due to toxins (including toxic life events) and free radicals that result in a threat response and hypervigilance which affects the senses and the immune system, including mast cell activation. He addresses it with diet (very strict, keto-paleo), nervous system (alpha-stim CES devise or similar, breathing, EFT, etc), supplements that promote energy production and detox, hydrogen water, electrolyte solution ("People with CFS don't seem to be able to keep their salts up."). Possible future treatments that he's mentioned so far might include full-spectrum sauna with oxygen, IV of colloidal silver, and ozone autohemotherapy. The diet seemed to help but I can't seem to keep it up while dealing with my special needs kids as a single parent. The electrolyte solution helps me sleep better bc I don't wake up multiple times to drink.

He had me take Great Plains urine tests for toxic chemicals and mold and the result showed high values for 7 toxic chemicals and 2 molds. He thinks that would be enough to explain my symptoms but I am a bit skeptical and think it's more likely that detoxing will be "necessary but not sufficient" to bring about significant symptom relief. (I mean, has anyone found detoxing to be the solution? I feel like I would have heard about that.) In addition to basic detox supplements like NAC and vit C, the detox regimen would be using a supplement called G.I. Detox (zeolite clay, activated charcoal, etc) as well as calcium-d-glutarate.

Now that I am seeing that my insurance will pay 70%, I am wondering about seeing Chheda (although I suspect they won't pay 70% of her much higher rate) since she looks into so many issues that could be at play, with extensive testing and many treatment options. (I know from tests years ago that I have EBV, HHV-6, reverse T3 thyroid issues, and anticardiolipin antibodies.)

I fear that if I just stay with my current doctor's regimen I will be struggling to keep the diet going and will feel crappy while I detox, leading to a vicious cycle of feeling crappy/exhausted which makes it even less likely that I can manage a separate diet from the family. Struggling that way for months to try to detox and with what outcome? Whereas I am hoping with Chheda I could get some more immediate relief, and maybe discovery of issues I didn't know I had that can be treated.



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