Deviated septum - could be a big part of my problems

Discussion in 'General' started by David Tyrer, Oct 3, 2019.

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    So I had an appointment with ENT at Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool on Wednesday.

    I have been having awful breathing issues (amongst many other symptoms, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of sleep, limb problems, etc.) for over a year and have recently been diagnosed with CFS/ME.

    But I was told yesterday that I have a deviated septum, and also that my other nostril is blocked by a bone/cartilage that's grown through due to the bend in the middle (i.e. it has more room to grow into).

    I know this isn't strictly concerning CFS but I'm desperately hopeful that clear my nostrils and sinuses and being able to breath through my nose again will help with my main issue a great deal. It's nice when consultants and specialists actually listen and believe you. I came away feeling much more positive.