Discover the healing power of your own stem cells / The future is here?


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This is out of reach for most people for now, but could this be the medicine of the future? The website lists Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as one of its therapy services but also admits there are no studies for stem cell therapy and CFS. Still....

What are Mesenchymal Stem Cells?
Celltex is focused on Mesenchymal Stem Cells or MSCs because they are readily found in the body and can give rise to many different cell types. Mesenchymal stem cells can become bone, cartilage, muscle, nerves, fat and pancreatic beta cells, along with other types of cells.
Other than the MSCs ability to become numerous different cell types, they also have the ability to:
  • Fight inflammation
  • Prevent cell death
  • Form new blood vessels
  • Direct the immune system, using other repair cell types to aid in healing
  • Self-Regenerate

Why Fat?

Mesenchymal stem cells can be found in practically every tissue of your body. They are most readily taken from bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, placenta and fat. Upon looking for the best possible source for MSCs, we conducted a lot of research into ease of retrieving cells and ensuring high stem cell volumes.
When comparing different sources, we found that fat tissue consistently had high quantities of MSCs. For example, in bone marrow, MSCs constituted just 0.0001%-0.01% of all bone marrow nucleated cells (Pittenger, et al). Fat tissue typically contains 100,000 MSCs in each gram of fat (Sen, et al) and also the differentiation capacity is less affected by one’s age (Jo, et al).


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Stem cell is very interesting topic, according to some who undergone stem cell it reduces ages (physically) makes you more younger and treat some disease.


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Dr. Marc Darrow here in L.A. area uses PRP and Stem Cells for joint regeneration. His Motto is: Take the surgery out of pain. I've done some of the old time prolo with dextrose but the other two are hard to afford. He uses one's own platlets for PRP and one's stem cells from their bone marrow.

Now my sister battled MS for about 30 yrs and lost her battle last year. But her pharma drug doctors kept her hanging on "waiting for stem cells"... She never made it or stem cells never made it to her.

Another friend went to the Dominican Republic probably 2 decades ago for stem cells for her MS, paid out of pocket, and she's doing pretty well...


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Stem cell is very interesting topic, according to some who undergone stem cell it reduces ages (physically) makes you more younger and treat some disease.

Aside from stem cells, Grape Seed Extract and or Pycnogenol is a great anti aging antioxidant. I'm 79 and still get " you look in your 60s".... I've been taking these antioxidants for 22+ yrs. Grape Seed Ex addresses MANY health systems.

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