Do AV's make you angry or is it the virus?

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I seem to have this seething anger under the surface. Most times I don't notice it but if something goes wrong, even something small, my reaction is so overblown it makes no sense. And if it's something that does deserve anger, I just spin out of control.

I had a reaction to Valtrex with serious agitation so i stopped it. I'm wondering if either the Famvir is doing it or the viruses are messing up my brain?

Does anyone else have this problem? I can almost feel my brain being "off" but there is nothing I can do to rein in it. Then a "switch" flips in my brain and I'm ok. Until the next time someone pisses me off.! Look out! :cold:


Hi Minx, do you notice that you are calmer when you don't take Valtrex or famvir?

i have been taking Valtrex for quite a while now and briefly tried famvir (it was three times as expensive and I didn't notice the difference so switched back to Valtrex). I think I am quicker to anger than I was before i got sick. Long waits on call centres or wet towels left on the floor provoke a greater response than it did before I got ME/CFS.

Part of it I am sure is that there isn't enough energy to cover all that must be done as well as regulate emotions very well. Part of it is that being sick and dealing with stupid doctors and the misunderstanding of family and friends is inherently frustrating.

I think I lost my normal setting of calm when I became ill, not when I started taking Valtrex 6 months later.
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I can't twke Valtrex. Made me beyond angry and famvir is really cheap for me

I live alone so no one is bothering me. I just seem to have a huge overreaction to things and my anger is out if proportion to the situation

I've been sick for 20 yrs and I've noticed the anger only after I started AVS.

Being sick may contribute but it's not the starting point

@MAC @Cort please break this into paragraphs. See this is really pissing me off.

Why dont people remember some of us have cog issues. My signature asks for paragraphs for a reason.


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According to Chinese medicine if there are anger issues the liver is being affected and there is to much heat. Maybe a liver cleanse and see if any of the supplements or meds are over warming. Something may be affecting the liver adversely.


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Actually @Issie you may not be far off. My theory, which I stole from someone who is having the same issue, is that the viruses themselves are messing up my liver numbers and may not necessarily be the liver.

It's on my list of things to discuss with my NP today. Or I'm a crabby bitch, also possible. LOL

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No paragraphs has been a big issue with me on many forums for years. For some reason when people come to forums they forget the rules of writing. And forget that so many off us of cog issues.

If you had written that in an english class, the teacher would have marked it up because there are no paragraphs

Please go back and edit it. Just to there right of your avatar on the left should be and edit button. Just put isn some blanks. It don'ts have to make sense. I just can't read that.

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