do you make your own sprouts/microgreens?


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Sprouts and microgreens are notoriously good for you. I've tried making them myself, because most stores only carry a small selection, and the store bought kind has less of the good stuff because too much time passes between harvesting and eating.
The whole point about sprouts and microgreens is that they are 'living food', i.e. they are still growing when you put them on your plate, which makes them very high in certain nutrients. The nutrients are also extremely concentrated, so you can eat small amounts and still get benefits.

But it's so messy! And I've tried many different options but none have been convincing enough. On bad days I'm too weak to even check if they need water, or to clean up the starchy mess that drips out of the pots (ew). I've looked around for stacked sprouting trays, but I'm not sure if that works the way it should. I also saw one that you had to plug in, and that did all the watering and everything for you. But very pricey, obviously.

Does anyone have some tips and tricks? Or good brands? Or a cheap way to make your own stacked trays?


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I sprout seeds. The easiest way is to use a mason jar and cheese cloth. Twice a day you want to rinse the seeds and then drain the water out. You don't want the seeds sitting in water. I have a set of stacked trays but I actually prefer using the jars. If you sprout Mung seeds be sure to keep them in the dark as they will become bitter otherwise if left out in the light. Also Mung seeds need rinsing four times per day.


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I should have added that if you are doing it properly, sprouting seeds shouldn't be messy. I tried to post a picture of the jar system but I couldn't figure out how to add the picture. Google it and you will see what I am referring to. Some seed suppliers also sell a mesh lid to fit the mason jars which is much easier than using cheese cloth.


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I tried sprouting for the first time about 4 days ago. I used a large mason jar as TigerLilea suggested and it came with a screened lid. I put some seeds in the jar with water and soaked overnight. Then for the next 3 -4 days I rinsed once in the morning and once at night. Each time I rinse I put the jar upside down (I tilt it against the wall) so any extra water can drip out. On the 4th day the spouts were ready. It turned out easier than I thought and wasn't messy.


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Tammy, I forgot about soaking the seeds at the start. When I first started sprouting seeds I didn't do this as the company I bought the seeds from didn't mention this. However, the company I now use suggest soaking the seeds to speed up the sprouting process.

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