Do You Think Having More Money Would Improve Your Health? How?

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Do You Think Having More Money Would Change Your Health?

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  1. Laura

    Laura New Member

    First of all, I would pay off the debt I have accrued. :( I would like to be able to support myself, my daughters, and afford the best medical care (or even just the basics like PT!). I would travel more even though it is exhausting, cause it's good for me to get out in the world.... I would have someone cook full-time and would eat organic more.
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  2. Leila Gary

    Leila Gary Member

    If I had more money, I could afford better quality supplements and I would definitely deal with my gut (IBS and other issues). I would get a massage at least twice a week. Since I have been a single parent most of my life, I would hire someone to come in at least once a month to super clean my Apartment. I am on SSI in the U.S. All of my money goes to paying bills and buying what food I can afford to feed me and my son. I buy as much Organic as I can but it is so expensive :( So, with more money I could afford Supplements, Organic foods, massage, help with cleaning and a good, knowledgeable Naturopath/Nutritionist to help me with proper supplements and tests and healthy meal plans.
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  3. Ria Roegiers

    Ria Roegiers Member

    No more money problems!!! That in itself would make a huge, huge difference!
  4. Lissa

    Lissa Well-Known Member

    This reminds me of my fantasy of having a "Rehab Resort" somewhere in the Southwest where we could all go when they finally find a cure. It would be like a campus dedicated to all our needs while we recover... Fill in all kinds of lovely amenities ---- PLUS personal trainers to safely get us back to fitness. Imagine getting to hike again with fellow survivors who totally GET what it means! (I know this is about having money.... But I think the govt owes us an all-expenses-paid trip on this one!)
  5. GinnyMH

    GinnyMH New Member

    I really feel bad for those who have to work outside the home or have small children to raise or a combination of both. At least most of this happened to me when I was a lot older and my children were grown. For those people, I can see how money would help relieve some of the physical demands and make things a lot better.

    I am one of the few that said No, it wouldn't help my health. Money would help in a ton of ways in my life but it won't do anything to improve my health. Change my circumstances and this stuff is still with me, right where it knocked me down to begin with.

    I am 68 and work the administrative part of our Mom & Pop business and am able to do this from home, thank goodness. I am anxious to see retirement in the near future (please God) but even when I quit working, I'm still dealing with ME/FMS/Hashimotos and a world of other chronic conditions that money won't help. I'm at the point, I don't want to be a guinea pig or pin cushion so I won't run out and get more tests if I had the $$ to do so. Until a cause is found for these conditions and cures implemented, money to help my health would be better spent in research.

    Now, I'll take a wad of cash any time!!!! but I don't think I'm going to see a health improvement because of it. I'll just look better and eat better on the balcony of my fancy home on a hill over a warm ocean somewhere. ;) Wait, come to think of it, if this house is nice enough, people might want to come visit and hang out. That would be nice.....isolation and loneliness are my biggest complaints.
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  6. LondonPots

    LondonPots Active Member

    Yes, in that it would remove a significant psychological stressor from wondering if I can afford to eat good quality food and pay my bills, and because it would allow me to take better care of myself when I can't (which is quite often). I'd also have all the tests mentioned in the research, to make sure I'm not going down the wrong path and missing an alternative diagnosis.

    If I won the lottery I'd also set up a health trust fund and pay people to do good things on my behalf.
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  7. Carolrose

    Carolrose Member

    Jewell: I agree that massage therapy, acupuncture along with pure cannibis oil minus thc (brain fog needs no extra help!), tai chi and Dr. Chia's Chinese Supplement 'Equalibrant' have all helped me in progressive and measureable ways recently. But I can not afford to continue them any longer. Finding a combination that seems to be working and giving it up because they are not covered by my insurance is frustrating to say the least.

    At this time I am lucky enough to live in southern California so weather is not a major major negative factor. I am retired after many years on disabilty forced me out of work in 1997. So financal considerations are an every day concern too.
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  8. Susan Sahler

    Susan Sahler New Member

    Being able to see a "Functional Dr" or going to a wellness clinic where they look at the whole realm of issues, and treat accordingly would help so my life.
    They do not take insurance....I have FM, started from a car accident...I have CFS and have not been able to function for so long do to extreme overwhelming fatigue...I had a brain hemmorage that caused a is it from cfs or TBI...?..Thyroid underactive...... Possible ana..dna antibodies are positive..but no other symptoms that are seen such as rash... I saw a sleep Dr. in 2001 who said I had sleep apnea...This past year I went back and started on a cpap machine..Using it for over a year did not improve my "excessive daytime sleepiness"....This prominent sleep Dr. told me "You know there is no such thing as CFS ...don't you?.....I saw a neurologist who finally after 20 years of my being this way has perscribed adderall ....I only take a small dose to wake me up, because I have also had heart issues....I see a cardiologist for that....
    All of them can not put the pieces together to form a treatment plan....Functional Drs., that seem to be popping up all over the place treat the whole person...not just each piece of the puzzle separately ...They also treat with hormone therapy...intravenous vitamins...supplements...The whole person... money may be the only way to be able to get some part of my life back before I die...I am soon to be 64 and it has been a long and winding road with all of these issues which have also resulted in depression and anxiety and not being able to function as normal for way to long...Lack of money and only having Medicare and Medicade since becoming disabled in 1995 ...
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  9. fdotx

    fdotx Well-Known Member

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  10. fdotx

    fdotx Well-Known Member

    Carolrose, thanks for reminding me of Equilibrant - I've been trying the K-Pax formula and have been worse than ever. It's too bad the Equilibrant is so expensive. I've been thinking of trying Charlotte's Web CBD oil because it is now readily available from the Stanley Brothers here in CO but am questioning how it would help - how did it specifically help you - was it with sleep, pain, energy, a better feeling of well being? I tried THC when it became legal here and had a terrible reaction to it.
  11. Patty May

    Patty May Member

    Of course it would benefit everyone. Even the wealthy run out of options for treatments, but they can afford to go to the BEST doctors, have the top physical and emotional support, and all the comfort
    "perks" that anyone could wish for.
    Doctors always say to reduce your stress, my question is always "how?". When you have to worry about every dollar! :)
  12. Carolrose

    Carolrose Member

    Hi. I use the CBD non-psychoactive tincture. A dropper of liquid under the tongue at bedtime right now.

    I will not use the THC version. Brain fog is annoying enough without giving uo any more clarity! I will not smoke because of my lungs and throat problems. Did not know about the tincture until two years ago during my endless researching. Then that became a possibility.

    My maintenance level was fine tuned with a cocktail of medications previously worked out and then things changed. Surprise - not. New areas of pain started causing major problems. Thought it was arthritis kicking into high gear because suddenly my meds were not touching these.

    Turns out it was more fibro areas. Meds starting to not work? Or what? I figured if after 18 years of constant and progressively active changes that had finally gotten to a maintenance level were now not going to work I needed to look beyond the pharm further and try to get off as many as I could for my future needs.

    The tincture kicks into my new pain within 15 minutes. It works for three hours. I sleep three hours a night. It is more like I go comotose for three hours. It does not feel like sleep. BUT the pain is measureably diminished for 3 hours. Even if I took more tincture for pain, my sleep does not come. If I could afford more tincture I would take it throughout the day. I still take Ultram 300 ER once a day and Armour Throid.

    Cymbalta, Topomax and Flexerall have all been stopped within 2 month period. NOT the way to get off meds! Bad bad crash and burn followed. Could be that a major flare or viral component rather than withdrawal was the cause. We are still trying to determine that.

    For the past two months I have been on Equilabtant and an anti-viral to see if that gives any answers. The anti viral was just stopped. See Dr Chia for blood results in two weeks. See where we go from there.

    My pain level is down to about a 7 1/2 but I certainly would like to get back to a much lower number.

    Hope this helps. Carolrose
  13. J William M Tweedie

    J William M Tweedie Well-Known Member

    Count me in! Seriously, if you find he right situation I'd be happy to co-venture. I should have a bit of $$ by next year and couldn't think of a better way to invest it. Warm climate is must!
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  14. Carolrose

    Carolrose Member

    The CBD tincture without THC is the only helpful form for me. I started having break thru leg and hip pain that were not touched by my med cocktail that helped previous multiple pain areas. The tincture calms those areas down immensely

    I found THC in any other medical mari form not only did not help with pain, but caused more feelings of being out of control cognitively and that is just not necessary or desired by me. I did initially try all forms. Candies, foodstuffs and joints also were of no help.

    Straight Non-psycho active CBD oil used as a tincture by dropper under my tongue added only helpful support to my pain regimen. No negatives with this clean version.

    This does not help with sleep. I sleep three hours a night. Am hoping to find something to help in that area soon!
  15. Telula

    Telula Member

    I guess I'm one of the few that thinks money wouldn't change my state that this point. So far we hear some recovery stories but I know tons of people including myself have tried those very same things and not gotten the same results. It's a crapshoot. Until we get SOLID research and tests and treatments or even moving towards that then no I don't think one, or even a few of us, having money is going to radically change our health in any predictable way. Now if most or all of us had money (ie power and influence) then we could actually fund research and influence organizations to take us on as an "actual" disease(s).
    Sure I think having money would lift some stress off me for bills and not being able to work but I've tried so many things under the sun that have even a remote connection or mention of fibro/CFS, chronic pain, etc. and I don't think me having money is suddenly going to pop up things I haven't heard about or tried. Until we know what is causing this we won't have an across the board useful treatment, it will still be luck for which current treatment works for which patient.
  16. greg hay

    greg hay Active Member

    I have threw a lot of money at my cfs. I am only 20 months in. I have invested in FIR sauna....just been to kenny de meirleir in belgium at around $7000. I have no shortage of cash i can throw at this to get help asap. Whether or not having this luxury will help me get better.any faster is doubtful. its.a truly awful disease and we all deserve to get some relief from it.
  17. fdotx

    fdotx Well-Known Member

  18. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    Warm and dry - I could see infrared sauna's, music rooms, maybe total immersion tubs - all really good foods - an organic garden right there! It would be great!
  19. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    I would get the best nutritional and other testing and get the best nutritional support money could buy. I can't imagine that would not help!
  20. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    The problem is: what's the best nutritional support?

    Even if you go to the 2 most amazing nutritionists in the world they would disagree about at least a hundred things hehehe