Poll Do You Use More Energy Than Necessary Doing Small Tasks?

Do you feel you use more energy than you need to doing small tasks?

  • Definitely yes, I use much more energy doing tasks that I used to

    Votes: 18 64.3%
  • I think I use somewhat more energy than I need to

    Votes: 7 25.0%
  • No I don't

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • Not sure

    Votes: 2 7.1%

  • Total voters
Cort, post: I've noticed for years that I use more energy to do small tasks than necessary. My hands will grip small objects really tightly that they don't need to grip tightly. When I move something I put my whole body into it instead using just the muscles I need. The fine, more delicate muscles it seems don't get much action.

I assume in my case this is partly due to muscular tension. My muscles don't seem to want to relax. I feel that must increase my energy demands dramatically.

I recently saw a video of a person with myofascial pain syndrome who experienced the same thing. She felt she used much more energy to do small things than was necessary.

How about you
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Debra needs help badly, posts:
The only difference is my respiratory (SOB) gets involved with my CFS and the slightest or smallest chore I am trying to do wears me out quickly!!!
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Hi Debra,
Yes, my body does the similar things;. I have to consciously relax my shoulder muscles, it's as though they're raised and clenched all the time. But, I can relax them if I make the effort. Before I know it though, they're tensed back up. I have myofascial pain disorder also--maybe it's a part of it?

I grip things tightly because if I don't, they'll slip from my hand. I'm going to try and notice--say when I'm cleaning the sink, if I'm holding the rag more tightly than usual.

My oxygen levels go down with exertion. I need supplemental oxygen when needed during the day--always when sleeping. I've been evaluated at National Jewish, a top rated pulmonary hospital and although they know it's happening; they can't tell me why. New Member, could you tell me what SOB is?

Debra, thanks for sharing; it will help me remember to relax what muscles I can today, it's a full-time job!


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I definitely do. In part, I have attributed it to my extreme dizziness. I actually run into and bounce off walls. My muscles are continually in a state of tension from trying to be upright. They get weak, I sink into PEM, i catch myself with furniture. I always feel like i am tipping over and listing to one side. I weave and bob. When I do walk it is a downhill fall. I am clumsy, my hands don't work, properly, etc. Muscles turning to jelly and knees feel like worn out shock absorbers. Squishy until I hit bottom. My mind becomes worn out and fatigued from all the input that should be basic and natural. I am only relaxed when floating in my large bathtub, or in the special way i rec,une on my bed.

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