Doctors Assert Proposed Recommended Vit D Intake Levels are FAR Too Low

Discussion in 'Health News' started by Cort, Mar 24, 2015.

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    Dr. Klimas has stressed that Vit D will probably not cure you, but that given D's immune modulating properties and it's importance in maintaining bone health it's very important to have enough Vit. D.

    Now several doctors propose the IOMs recent recommendations for Vit. D are far too low.

    Recommendation for vitamin D intake was miscalculated, is far too low, experts say

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    I'm gonna create a thread about Dr. Cícero Coimbra and his protocol for auto immune diseases. He's from Brazil and I've seen a doctor trainned by him.
    His protocol are basically only Vitamin D on massive doses (up to 80.000 a day). I've spoke with some patients that went in remission from Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases and have read hundreads of testimonials.
    Meanwhile neurologists still bash him and say he is a fraud so it's a though subject.
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    According to Dr. Cheney , Vitamin D is a hormone , and the Vitamin D pathways do not function properly in CFS. Again , according to Cheney, one must be very careful about taking D. He interprets Vit. D levels very differently for us than for " healthy, normal" people. Because I generally consider his recommendations as truisms, I try to sit in the sun about 20 minutes as many times a week as I can, as opposed to taking supplements. Prior to Cheney I was on high doses of D while seeing Dr. Klimas as well, so I was rather surprised by Cheney's take when I began seeing him. Not trying to sway people from taking, just throwing some information out there that you may or may not agree with.
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  4. Remy

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    I wonder if the amount of Vit D we should take also depends on our levels of Vit D binding protein.

    After all, if taking iron without enough binding protein is dangerous, why wouldn't the same be true for D?

    And we know that Vit D binding proteins (ie GcMAF) are typically low in people with chronic illnesses and acute disease states like cancer.

    So maybe differences in the binding protein should be taken into account when determining the optimal daily dosage of D.
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    Have there been any updates since 2016? And, is there any way to increase Vit D binding proteins through diet? I know nothing about these very high dosage recommendations nor about binding proteins.
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    Not sure if it's true of anyone else, but I had an experience where a steroid shot (they interact with Vitamin D, usually forcing it to be excreted) caused more pain than it solved. It lasted days until I stopped taking D3 and switched to D2. I've always attributed that to having been vegetarian and vegan for decades. I got most of my D from the sun and mushrooms. I took a prescribed 50k IU (D2) lozenge with fatty food and in two hours the pain was down from 8 to 2 (using the 1-10 scale). I wish I could explain it. But ever since I've taken both D2 and D3, and combining it with skin lotion and applying it to my body, my D deficiency has gone away, at least on paper.

    There was a math mistake that led to the current dosage recommendations. The skin makes 20x more vitamin D than is found in a typical vitamin within minutes of being in the sun.

    You can possibly counteract the biding protein issue by applying some of it to your skin directly, which is where your body would be getting it from anyway.
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