doctors in Ontario Canada?


Does anyone know of a doctor in Ontario Canada who has some knowledge about ME/CFS? I was diagnosed at Women's College Hospital in Toronto many years ago, but Dr Allison Bested has since relocated clear across the continent. I am almost sure now that my son has the same illness and yet there seems no-one for him to see to get a diagnosis. I myself am running into some other medical issues, ones which impact my ME, but don't know where to turn for help. Where are people in Ontario now going to get a diagnosis? Do any of you even have GPs in Ontario who have insight into ME? It's discouraging that we can all read and learn so much about this illness thanks to great research being done, and yet we cannot even access a doctor!


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I can give you a couple of names: Dr. Riina Bray (King City; also works at Women's College Hospital), and Dr. Sarah Selke (west end Toronto). I am a patient of Dr. Bray (since Dec. 2018).
My best wishes to you and your son; as a resident of Toronto, I know how hard it is to find a specialist here. The waiting times, unfortunately, can be absurdly long :depressed:. ME/CFS care in Ontario needs drastic improvement.


Thank you so much for those two names. It's hard to believe that a province as populous as Ontario would have so very few docs who know about ME. There must be 1000s of people in our province with ME. I worked through the doctor list that "not dead yet" kindly found for me on but it was sadly out of date and I could find no record at all of several of those docs, whilst others had moved away, and the one who used to see patients at the Nightingale clinic in Ottawa now only does research. A truly dismal state of affairs!

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