does prednisone help ME/CFS,POTS


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Has anyone had success with prednisone for me/cfs/pots. My husband thinks it is a wonder drug. I do not. Too many side effects but he keeps insisting I ask around.


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Hi GrammaLinda,
If you haven't already, you should check out this recent article and comments, to get a variety of viewpoints on this to consider. Prednisone makes most people feel amazing, but I definitely don't think you'll find many who believe it to be safe for long-term use. However, low-dose Hydrocortisone may be another story - it's like everything else with this disease, it helps some but not others. Some think it's safe and some don't. This article will shed some light. I just posted my experience with HC there, it's the most recent comment. Good luck!



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I feel much better on steroids but they won't treat me with a regular low dose of steroids to see how I do. They have only given me the 5 day pacs to treat a rash and to treat migraines, but very infrequently bc even that they think is a problem. I'm on the side of your husband, but I think it depends on the person and the situation. I'm in favor of anything that makes me functional and not disabled, I think it's more important that I be able to work and have a life. What I have read about low dose daily steroids does not seem that bad or risky.


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Ughhh, I see your issue is FM, and there are so many ways to manage this bag of issues doctors have put people in. Thyroid dsyfunction is a big one, it was for me and doc kept pushing drugs and not thyroid help.

Steroids have such a LONG list of side effects.


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Just talked to a friend who is a long time member of P.R. and also has dealt with ME for a long time, and no no no on steroids for this...temporary relief but very temporary and the side effects are long term.

She's working with some ginsengs now and trying some, I can't work with ginsengs as they can elevate blood pressure, she is not challenged with HBP.

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