Dr. Cheney clinic contact not working

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    I tried a few different ways to get this contact form to work:


    But it didn't seem to. I only live a few hours drive from there. I've been going through ME Pedia and I'm glad I have some resources semi locally.

    I can't find contact info other than the form on the website. I can find the phone number via google but it's odd that it's not on the website. Did I end up on a bad website, an old one or a cybersquatter?

    Anyway, sometimes I'm not up for a phone call. It can take me several seconds to remember what I wanted after I'm put on hold. It tends to annoy people who answer the phone.
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    I think Cheney is mostly retired now. https://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/dr-cheney-is-retiring.41005/
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