Dr. Kaufman appointment. What should be expected?


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We have an appointment for our daughter the end of January with Dr. Kaufman. We are traveling from another state and want to make sure we make the most of her appointment. Can anyone tell us what to expect? How the appointment generally proceeds and how much past medical history we should take with us. She has almost 20 years of history. Not sure how detailed we should be. I would love to hear from anyone who has knowledge or experience with him.


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Hope it goes well! I recommend if it does not go well, keep trying.
I waited too long to get help.
Best to you! FG


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Did you get help from Kaufman? Someone else?

@Chfrazzle Bless you for assisting your daughter!
I do not know the name Kaufman. I am in the central states. There is statement on him on MEpedia. I have had good and bad experiences in my long journey with the medical field. I saw a top doctor for possible pituitary issues (20 years ago) and tried to show him my 30 years of medical reports, which he ignored and I was out of there in 5 minutes...not a bit of help. I had flown from Europe to Nashville at the time.

When I finally found the "right" doctors, they were competent and educated enough to look through all my old records AND give me all the tests one needs for ME/CFS and Lyme, which I suspected.

Before that, I myself made excuses...it's just my celiac, or my hormones, or my vascular issues. None of my regular doctors picked up on the systemic symptoms of ME. If you want to "talk" private message me. Okay? Sorry your daughter is suffering.

I have been on treatment for ME since 2017. I wish you all the best! FG


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Hi Chfrazzle I have been with Dr Kaufman end 2015 until now. A good man and excellent doctor. I wrote brief notes on my visit to him to your "profile" on this board - write me for details. I don't feel comfortable writing every little thing about his views on CFS and his thoughts - which are excellent too - but I will just write you privately (if you would like) thinking about my first visit to doc, and what to expect there in the way of time spent, cost, what happens. Hope your daughter improves!

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