Dr. Komaroff on Hot Areas in ME/CFS Research in SMCI webinar tomorrow!

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    This is what Komaroff is really good at. He's done the summing up presentation on the last day of the IACFS/ME International Conference for as long as I can remember. The man is an institution! Good for the SMCI to have him start off their webinar series...
    Mr Anthony L. Komaroff, MD, is Simcox-Clifford-Higby Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Senior Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He's one of the originals. He's been supporting us from his Harvard position for over 30 years. From the SMCI:
    "With increased momentum in research over the past two years, this webinar is a timely update to his popular presentation from our 2016 series that addressed current understanding of the role of various systems – including the brain, energy metabolism, genes, and immune system – in the pathophysiology of ME/CFS."
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    Bless Dr. Komaroff! He always looks the same, too. I hope he lives a long time.
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