Dr. Light - Bateman-Horne presentation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chfrazzle, Dec 7, 2018.

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    I watched the Live Stream of Dr. Light on Wed evening. It was being presented by the Bateman-Horne clinic. I have poor hearing so need to re-watch, hopefully with closed caption on You tube. Did anyone else watch this? Curious what your thoughts were and what is their plan with the information they obtained from their genetic study?
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    I haven't heard of this. Since it's a live stream, I imagine there isn't a link we can follow yet, until it shows up on a video site.
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    Hi! I watched a good half of it
    ....love and appreciate all the great research going on, but my mind ain't what it used to be and I couldn't ingest it all. Sometimes I really get into other's research and other times I just want answers so I can live a normal life again. Ya know? What did you think?? There are some great videos of Dr. Dan Peterson on YT. I have tried to watch those lately.
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