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As promised back in May, we are finally putting up video of our fantastic May Awareness 2015 event. The event took place at the Paetzold Theatre in Vancouver General Hospital on May 24.

Many thanks to our generous speakers. The event was both awareness and morale raising. The audience came away with a new understanding of pacing thanks to Staci Stevens, and hope for the future of research and treatment thanks to Dr Peterson. Dr Ian Hyams also made time in his very busy schedule to come speak to us, covering the BC Complex Chronic Diseases Program's approach to fibromyalgia (unfortunately we had real problems with Dr Hyams taping and are not able to make it available). Susan was as usual, a wonderful MC (you will be missed Susan!!!), and all three speakers participated in the Q&As.

This video was somewhat cursed due to various technical issues. Audio problems mean that Dr Peterson's audio may seem a little off at times, and Susan's way off, although Staci's is perfect. And we had hoped to post the videos on our website for members, but that too has proven problematic, and so here they are on Facebook.

Susan's introduction (audio syncing is particularly bad on this one):
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kevin Feldman

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Great presentation. What type of presentation/symptoms does an ME patient have to have to be a candidate for Ampligen ? Where do you get it in Canada and approximately what is the $ Cost ?I am 17 months from onset and my ME Dr says I first have to get my immune system strengthened before using a modulator. Its all counterituitive, I also have CVID for 4 months so ME Dr wants me to increase IVIG to control autoimmunity before immune modulators. I have experienced a steady decline the last 6 months and I guess its about time I stop push--push-crash and figure my energy envelope. The envelope is getting smaller and smaller

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