Dr. Tells His Fibromyalgia Patients - No More Narcotic Pain Drugs


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He sent out a letter - no more opioid pain killers. Why?
Dr. Mark Ibsen, a physician in Helena, Montana, recently sent out a letter to all patients that he would no longer be prescribing pain medications, including narcotics, to his patients, including those who suffer from a condition called Fibromyalgia, according toEmax Health. Fibromyalgia is a condition that is thought to arise from an auto-immune factor, although the cause is not clear. It most commonly affects young to middle aged women, although children and men can suffer from the disorder as well.

He did it after a fellow doctor lost his practice

Dr. Ibsen is a physician who believes Fibromyalgia pain is very real, but because of recent litigation against other physicians who prescribe narcotics, has decided it is in his best interest legally to stop prescribing them.

His decision comes largely in the wake of the case of Dr. Chris Christensen, who also treated Fibromyalgia and chronic pain with narcotics. Dr. Christensen was recently indicted for prescribing pain medication and lost his medical license. According to NBC Montana, he was accused of negligent homicide after a patient death and charged with 400 felony offenses that involve illegal prescription drug distribution. Big Creek Family Medicine and Urgent Care, which was Dr. Christensen’s practice, has been closed, Dr. Ibsen shares, and he himself has been investigated by the DEA. He believes he still may be under investigation.
Tough situation!

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