Dr Ty Vincent explains LDI and the immune system


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This is all very interesting. I find it a little confusing though that he makes a blanket statement that everyone has Babesia, Lyme-ish co-infections etc.

If that were true wouldn't all Lyme tests come back positive, healthy or not? Is the testing really so poor as to be wrong most of the time?

Then again... I had Lyme- with a huge, well defined bulls eye rash, but never tested positive even once after multiple tests, at various "appropriate" time frames after the acute onset.

The LDI is very intriguing though.... Anyone trying it? Results yet?!


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listened to all the videos, and I have to say it is very interesting. the only thing I'm not sure about (maybe someone can answer this?) is WHY our immune systems start (over)reacting to certain pathogens. Cause as he says: loads of people have borrelia (and other things) in their system but not all get sick...

also, on a completely different note: does anyone else think this doc looks like an older version of Channing Tatum? :D

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I've been doing LDI since March for cmv/EBV

I am definitely seeing some improvements. The most obvious is I can talk on the phone without feeling like I ran a marathon or get a sore throat 95% of the time. If I'm tired to start I have problems

Also my PEM is significantly reduced.

I'm a long way from being functional but when you're as sick as I am little things make a huge difference.

I'll have to rewatch the video because I don't remember him saying everyone had lynes etc.

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No on the Channing Tatum. I've seen him via Skype. Didn't even cross my mind.

I don't know about why some react to pathogens and some dont. Maybe genetics?


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@Who Me? I had seen pictures of this doc before, and it never crossed my mind either, but in these videos specifically I did see a resemblance. could have been wishful thinking from my side ;)

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@bobby. I just spoke with st Vincent's office and asked why some people are more susceptible. Will let you know when I get an answer.

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