Drinking Aloe Vera Helps....But Why?


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Drinking aloe vera has always worked well for me. It calms me down and smooths me out. It's not huge but its definitely noticeable. I like it a lot.

I get the $6.99 gallon bottle (an entire gallon!) from Trader Joe's. It's probably not particularly good so far as aloe vera goes but it works just fine for me and its surprisingly affordable. It lasts me about a week.

I have no idea why it has this affect on me though....I've never heard of it for use in ME/CFS.


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Hello Cort, the Aloe Vera caught my eye. It is very helpful; Google it's benefits. I am in Australia and use Forever Aloe Vera Gel Drink,
made in USA. It is the best one on the market, maybe a bit more expensive and I understand $$$ count when you can't work. I get mine
wholesale through a friend. It helps me with absorption, and soothes the gut, amongst other things, like acidity and hydration. Ever had
a burn and put Aloe Vera plant on the burn? Miracle. When I am having a reasonable day, I juice the plant (has to be Aloe Vera Barbadensis)
in a VitalMax cold pressed juicer (can't be done in a normal juicer), plus green apples, lemon with skin. It is quite an art, as Aloe is mucilaginous, and not for the faint hearted. If you lived next door I could give you some plants, they look after themselves. You say it
"smooths you out", yep, that's what it's doing, healing, and nourishing the intestine. Well, that's what I reckon. Hope this helps and is not
complicated and sounding expensive.
I would try to find the Forever Aloe, I think the company is called Forever Living. Maybe it is more economical in the US of A.
Sincerely, Billie

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