EBV symptoms when overdoing?


Just an add on to what everyone has said. I have been in remission (no such thing as cure, yet) from possible Lyme/ ANA, ME/CFS, MCAS and a possible CSF leak at about 80% normal after 8 years of hell. Except for 2 weeks of Doxy in 2016 after the tick bite that gave me Lyme/ANA in 2015, I have taken NO commercial drugs. I've done it all with herbs, supplements, and a healthy diet. More and more research shows the harm that all drugs, not just antibiotics, do to the microbiome of the gut. Research shows the gut is in direct contact with the brain and without a healthy gut you can't fight off the diseases and conditions that plague us.

Here's a list of a few of the websites that I trust and provide factual information on healing from these issues. These are the ones I used and still use to get and stay better. (Someday maybe I can say well!) Google anything I say below for more details but be careful there are way to many quacks out there praying on sick people!

#1 Dr Marty Ross, MD He started with Lyme but covers all the basics that MUST be achieved to heal, including, sleep, exercise, diet and then using herbal and drugs if necessary. He does an awesome call in webinar online to answer questions almost every week. His info helped me immensely initially and I still learn things every week as we move through Covid. https://www.treatlyme.net/ When & How to Treat Chronic Viruses: A Brief Guide. https://www.treatlyme.net/guide/kills-viruses-a-brief-guide

#2 ALWAYS check for drug interactions very carefully before using any herb, supplement (even vitamins and minerals!) and new drug!! 99% of Drs don't know about all meds you are taking and know nothing about herbs! https://www.drugs.com/

#3 https://medicinalherbals.net/best-antiviral-herbs/#comments

#4 Two lesser known herbs that have worked for me are
a. Cistus (Cistus incanus) https://botanicalinstitute.org/cistus/ Tested mostly for Flu and respiratory issues but seems to help suppress my EBV and other viruses.

b. Lomatium (Lomatium dissectum) Works very well for me but can have severe side effects in some people. You MUST do careful reading and research before using! I have used Barlow Herbal Lomatium from the beginning. https://barlowherbal.com/blogs/blog/lomatium-dissectum-detox-rash-information

#5 An example of the research being done on natural alternatives to drugs in control of viruses. Many herbs, including green, black and cistus tea help control the flu virus but less is known about the effects on other herpes viruses. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8147851/

#6 CBD is your friend. Besides being a very good pain reliever, relieving inflammation and helping ease the anxiety of having a chronic illness, CBD has a multitude of research proven, benefits to health. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news...harma-companies-are-fighting-legal-marijuana/ Full spectrum CBD is what you want, for the most part. It has only .03 THC so unless you are taking a lot of it it won't show on a drug test. Besides which THC is an even better pain killer. I use tinctures (oil not alcohol due to MCAS) so I can titrate the drops to the exact amount I need. There are headaches that require a couple drops of THC to be added to the CBD for relief. I survived meningitis (when the VA refused to treat me) by taking a lot of CBD/THC for 5 days while the 102.0 fever killed the bugs. I never was "high".

I take curcumin, quercetin, cordyceps, cistus tea and a mushroom complex daily. After taking handfuls of supplements for several years, I am now well enough to rotate through a lot of other anti-viral/bacterial/fungal herbs and supplements on an as needed basis, depending on how I feel and the season of the year. For example: Flu season /winter, I increase my Vit D3 to 2000iu a day and add/ rotating; echinacea, resveratrol, cat's claw, olive leaf, lomatium, as needed. In the Spring my dog and I start Andrographis to help stop tick borne diseases. (If I do find a tick on on of us, I add Otoba bark to the Cat's Claw and we take it for at least 2 weeks. Andro doesn't cure Lyme (in the lab) but it seems to stop it's transmission somehow. After 100's of tick bites my dog came back with a positive Anaplasma test at 10yo but has never shown any symptoms. It's worked great so far!).

I also highly recommend getting a genetic profile done if possible. I used Genomic Insight through my Dr. I found out that I am genetically prone to histamine issues and do have some methylation issues. Once I changed my source of Vit B12/folate things got better. That and a strict "No processed food" diet has helped my gut function improve from good to great. Preservatives in food have been proven to kill gut microbes as well. All of these little things prevent your body from being able to suppress/remove disease pathogens on it's own. This is a long process as you all know. Took me 4 years to beat Lyme(Cat's Claw Otoba every day), 2 years to figure out the ME/CFS (high dose B1/B2 and amino acids), 2 years MCAS (low histamine diet and DAO). Now onto the CSF leak! Everyone is different and you need to do what's best for you but if you are taking anti-viral drugs right now you need to research your chance of full recovery compared to the possibly irreparable harm you are doing to your body. I some circumstances you have no choice and I pray for us all that there will be a breakthrough in research so we all can recover. In the meantime, your job is to research and try and heal yourself. Share your info with others so they can heal faster. Try new things if you able, based on research but do it very carefully! God bless you all!
Thanks, TAllen. This is terrific information!

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