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I've been asking men if they have had their estrogen ratio tested, for over 10 years now. I think there is an imbalance in the ratio between testosterone and estrogen. With both men and women being estrogen dominant. It's the balance between the two. Not necessarily would you show low testosterone. But you may show too high estrogen. But seldom will they test men's estrogen. And look at you funny with a puzzled look if you ask them to.


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Advising women to be extremely cautious of testosterone use. Levels in the UK are not generally measured and the treatment is "off license". Far, far smaller amounts are required than men and built up to even at that. It's very hard indeed to gauge and without a test to measure or control by a medical professional is very risky. Do take great care, ladies. This is not something to experiment with!


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There are other ways other than replacement to modify estrogen dominance and therefore increase ratio between testosterone and estrogen.

One thing to keep in mind is what one eats and not using plastics. Foods such as Flax and Soy and other estrogen phytochemicals that can increase estrogen.

Zinc is helpful for many with low testosterone. Eating pumpkin seeds (a good source of zinc).

Many alternative ways to balance hormones and maybe not need to do direct replacement. There is some concern as to dependency on replacement and the body shutting it's own production down if going that route. But one must determine benefit vs risk.

New info on testosterone and prostate cancer is the need for testosterone to prevent cancer. But then when cancer has become present, the opposite is still thought to be what they feel is desired (????????)

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