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    I have EDS and POTS. I suspect mast cell activity too. I have however been tested by urine and blood for mast cell syndromes but it came back negative. But I profile so well for it.

    I react to all the even slightly higher histamine foods, and fragrances. Garlic and onion are terrible for me too. I'm alcohol intolerant and hungover after even a sip. I am constantly out of breath, have blacked out while running for the bus, and have had heart attack type symptoms on lifting - an ECG showed nothing.

    I can't eat much during the day otherwise I'm hit by heavy fatigue that can lead to not being able to physically move. Only my eyes not my body. (I think that is a POTS low blood pressure thing.)

    But one thing that no one on the POTS forums relate to is that I am unable to eat after say 5pm - I've made that a cut off. If I eat even a small meal in the evening, or handful of food, I have POTS autonomic symptoms the next day. When bad I can't stand or walk properly. I last at dinner over a year ago now. It seems that something is happening in the night. I get hotter as the night goes on and wake up with tremors, flushed red face, nausea and generally feeling terrible. And often feeling really adrenal. I recently read that mast cell activity happens more at night and that this can trigger nerve stimulation that could be causing POTS problems. Anyone have the same issue ? Any thoughts welcome.