Extreme Fatigue/Insomnia/Neurological Issues

Was wondering if anyone has experienced what I am currently experiencing and if you could offer some help. In July of last year, I woke up with a "hangover" type feeling. Almost like someone had wacked me up side the head. After about a month of feeling this way, I went to the doctor. Had all kinds of tests and blood work done, was ran through the ringer, with everything looking and checking out ok. I finally got into a neurologist, and it was determined I had sleep apnea. I finally received a cpap machine sometime in October ish, after about a month, my headaches went away, but I still felt like I had a terrible hangover and somebody hit me in the head, (just minus the headaches). It's now June of the following year, and I still don't feel better. Every day is struggle with extreme fatigue and staying focused at my job. I have trouble sleeping, and almost always wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and usually don't fall back to sleep. This sleep pattern didn't occur until I started using the CPAP machine. I always fall asleep just fine, but I just can't stay asleep. And there have been a few occassions over the last several months that I have slept through the night, but I still don't feel better, no matter how long I sleep. I'm not sure where to turn or what to do, as the neurologist I see just wants to prescribe me sleeping medication and then give me aderalle or something to make me more alert in the day time. That is not a viable solution for me. The sleeping medication is terrible and makes you feel worse in the morning than not sleeping at all. HELP PLEASE!

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For inflammation time release C3 curcumin is a good supplement, especially for Nf-KB inflammation due to chronic viral infections. Megadose B12 is proven to help nerve healing. I would also make sure you are getting enough of the rest of the B vitamins and not eating a lot of refined grain foods and sugar which drain Bs.
I honestly don't know what all they tested me for. I've blood work done twice, and I know they tested for several different things, but will check with my doctor about the mononucleosis. Thanks
did you get a blood test for mononucleosis? what were your vca-igg ebna-igg levels at?

I did get and EBV test and he said it showed antibodies that I've had something in the past. I'm now being tested for low testosterone. The doctor said it could be that.

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