F*ck The Law Of Attraction


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I think any law of attraction crew here may find this really beneficial and insightful...

Is Negative the New Positive in the healing circles?

After spiritual circles have created that "special little nightmare" , there is some fresh perspective here.

Some funny imagery in her video here, too.

Teal Swan has just had her book The Completion Process published in The Hay House, so her ideas are being recognised and listened to (not saying that as an endorsement).



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The partner video recommended in Fuck The Law Of Attraction (above) :

"Spiritual bypassing is the Cancer of the spiritual world"
"angerphobia" 1:38 :)
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@Empty I just had to click on a thread with that title! :rolleyes: But this time I did watch the videos. ;) What she's saying makes a lot of sense to me. I think the law of attraction is very much part of the materialistic paradigm, which is starting to shift to something new, so she's very much on point there. The explanation of the bigger picture of cause and effect was really good, sth to keep in mind.


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The original law of attraction feels like magical thinking to me. I am so powerful that the Universe aligns with my desires and gives me everything I want. This philosophy works better among wealthy people than with people who are barely surviving. It "proves" that people with excess are properly Aligned, and people with less are spiritually broken. Kind of how karma has been used.

This new version feels dualistic, punitive, and counter-productive to me. Do we really only learn through contrast? Through getting the opposite of what we're trying to expand? I agree with her - f*ck that! In fact, it's still so awful that I choose to not-believe it.

I actually really liked these videos. She states her position so clearly that I can easily see where my beliefs are different.

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