Fatigue Exacerbation by Interval or Continuous Exercise in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


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I don't understand the conclusion to this at all. Whether by intensity or moderate exercise - the patients still reported an increase in fatigue. The conclusion could not be that the patients improved so the conclusion was the finding supports the "evaluation" of high intensity training in graded exercise programs.

When one form of exercise does not increase fatigue more than another kind - that's progress????

Participants reported an increase in fatigue scores following both challenges (Mean difference: HIIT 1.0 +/- 1.3, p<0.01; CONT 1.5 +/- 0.7, p<0.001), but these exacerbations in fatigue were not statistically or clinically different (p=0.20).

Conclusions: High-intensity interval exercise did not exacerbate fatigue any more than continuous exercise of comparable workload. This finding supports evaluation of HIIT in graded exercise therapy interventions for patients with CFS.


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this is a very weird abstract. it sounds like they wanted to prove that high intensity training makes sense for us. high intensity training has been kind of a hot topic for a while in the fitness community, but I don't understand how this would ever fit into the lives of exercise INTOLERANT patients?

does anyone understand the numbers? cause if the continuous exercise is already giving us awful numbers re:fatigue, then HIIT is gonna be just as bad.

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I didn't read it but even the title lets you know it's gonna be stupid. A slew of these studies showed up on my Facebook page.

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