FIR Vs Traditional Sauna - Does it make a difference in ME/CFS or FM?


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I recently saw this post on PR:

I have been battling this BEAST of an illness for over 40 years now... Very little gives me any relief and when it does it doesn't seem to last. I have spent most of my summer on the couch with my eyes rolled into the back of my head in INTENSE VIRAL HELL... I heard about a girl who had just traveled to Europe to get HYPERTHERMIA therapy for her Lyme and all the related issues that I also have... Sooo Because I am LYME POOR and don't have 60K to go and do that .. I thought hmmmm Jacque just get in your FIR SAUNA every day and see what happens.. Low and behold... within FOUR DAYS.. I was back up and functioning!!! I planned to get in twice a day if need be...but once a day did the trick... I have been chasing all kinds of different therapies and all along my GREATEST weapon was sitting right there in the garage...

Another amazing story :)....I did traditional sauna for weeks at Dr. Rea's. It was miserable but after it ended a couple of days later I felt really good for awhile. I got a sauna but it's too harsh for me to do regularly.

One the other hand I LOVE sauna's. Would an infrared sauna make that much of a difference? Has anyone tried both?

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