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I use dhea 25mg twice a day and it helps with general wellbeing. Does nothing to testosterone but can raise e2 some.

Any guys seen good increases in testosterone using high doses of dhea 100 to 200mg a day with something like arimidex to prevent testosterone convertion to e2?? May add low dose clomid to stimulate more natural testosterone??

Any thoughts


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I take 50 mg of DHEA for some time now, probably at least 2 years. Have been on 75mg before. My Dr also prescribes Clomid, 25mg every other day. Recently added 25mg of pregnenolone, do to forums, was looking at paperwork, and noticed it was remarked as very low. Will get blood drawn in a couple of weeks or so, to see how that is going.



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II tested out low normal on testosterone at one point. I wish I had those results given what Strike Me Lucky posted before. I hope to get tested again at some point but I think of short trial of DHEA is in order in any case.

Broderick has found testosterone protective for ME/CFS In fact one hypothesis suggests that the lack of testosterone in women could be one reason they're more susceptible.

From his other post....


Low testosterone in men can exacerbate alot of symptoms in cfsme. TRT/HRT can also improve stamina through red blood cell production and can also increase low white blood cells and neutrophils. Many guys adequately treated say sleep improves as well as aches and pains, depression and energy, the list goes on.

My testosterone levels are always dodgy and low by the above table which shows hormone averages for ones age. My last test showed me at 315 and in australia they dont even consider treatment until testosterone is below 230. My levels arent even adequate for an 85yo. I think i have several symptoms that can improve with trt especially mild anemia(hemolytic) and low neutrophils. Nutrient causes of anemia have been ruled out.

Im sure theres other guys in my situation. Its frustrating as we have a condition cfsme not recognized with low hormone levels that also arent recognized. I really dont think medicine is interested in our health.

Im sure theres a stigma of testosterone and drugs in sports but what about people who medically need these treatments. Its like chronic pain patients being denied pain relief because of a small percentage of people abusing narcotics, but fk the people who need it.


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I have low T as well no where near what it should be for my age. Its digustingly low. Have an appointment with an endo in a month hope that goes well.

I wonder if it helps POTS at all?

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