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    Hello, I am helping a friend who has suffered with ME/CFS for 30 year to research ME/CFS specialists. Dr. Cheney was her physician since 2002 and she is currently only seeing a local doctor who is not an expert. So, after gathering information about:

    Dr. Chia of Torrance, CA
    Dr. De Meirleir, who is in Reno once a month
    Dr. Natelson at Beth Israel
    Dr. Pridgen of Tuscaloosa, AL

    She is wondering if some of the ME/Cfs patient community on this forum could weigh in on their experiences, successes and opinions of these and/or any other experts.

    Thanks, so much for any input.
  2. Cort

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    From what I've heard Dr. Natelson is very conservative. I wouldn't put him at the top of the list.
    Dr. Chia is innovative and a good diagnostician. He appears to be trying quite a few different things. I would think he's a good choice.
    Dr. De Meirleir too appears to be quite innovative and has a wealth of experience. From what I hear he's very good with the gut.
    Dr. Pridgen I've heard is very astute and he is doing his famvir/celexcocib protocol plus whatever he picks up. He returned one person - a longtime Cheney patient - to health.
    I think those three are good choice and I would have a special interest in Pridgen.
  3. researching4patient

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    Thanks, Cort. I relayed your comments to my friend...very helpful!
  4. Remy

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    Don't forget about Dr Klimas and INIM.
  5. Lisa L.

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    And Dr. Peterson. He’s who I would most like to see. I have tried unsuccessfully for several years to see Dr. Klimas. But recently found out there is another doctor there who is accepting new patients.

    And this is way off topic but your posting really caught my attention. I’ve been sick for 32 years and been trying to find others who have been sick such a long time. To talk to them. IN many ways I’m in such a different place after so many years of this than I was early on. And the disease has changed. If your friend ever feels like talking, I’m here. You sound like a really good friend. Thank you for caring so much about your friend.
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  6. Helen Schoenfeld

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    Does anyone know of a way to find a local practitioner who is at least familiar with me/cfs? I'm 90 miles from Seattle and more than willing to travel that distance
  7. Remy

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    From a thread on Phoenix Rising:

    “Dr. Cochran is my doctor, and he is great.

    Dr. Iller is competent at Lyme, but scattered, and her patients are irritated as she doesn't follow through.

    Dr. Labriola is awful - stay away from him. He doesn't believe in anything more than 100% of the DV of supplements, pushes his own line of supplements with substandard ingredients, and told several untruths in a public presentation I attended.

    I've run into patients who say Tahoma Clinic is not what it once was.

    Dr. Holly Christie on Bainbridge Island is excellent.

    And Dietrich Klinghardt is in Woodinville. He's very expensive and I've seen no reason to go there, but patients fly in from all over the world.”