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The Forum Bully – Why Are There So Many Online Bullies?

What is a Forum Bully?
Bullying is about power and dominance. In online forums, bullies use words to intimidate, isolate, and degrade their victims.

Bullies are generally easy to pick out.
Bullying is about power and dominance. In online forums, bullies use words to intimidate, isolate, and degrade their victims–

  • Bullies use unsubstantiated personal attacks to denigrate their victims. Often, they make fun of their victim’s intelligence, get everyone to laugh at him, and in doing so isolates and degrades their target. In this way, their victim is neutralized, and serves as a strong reminder to everyone of the bully’s power. Bullies rule through fear.
  • Bullies usually attack weak or new targets. The best way to get yourself into a bully’s little black book of horrors is to appear weak, uncertain, and emotionally vulnerable. New members to a social group are also a bully’s favorite because they are new, unproven, and do not yet have a support system. They are alone – and therefore easier to hunt-down and kill.
  • Bullies hate being challenged and they hate losing. Another quick way to get yourself into the black book of horrors is to publicly challenge a bully, especially a head bully. A bully’s power rests in his ability to control others through fear. If they are challenged and they lose, it will significantly erode their power. As a result, they will use excessive force to defeat public challenges

  • Bullies usually hunt in packs. There is safety and strength in numbers. As we said before, bullies hate losing, so they try to go for a sure kill.
  • Bullies are afraid of strength. If they spot strong new members to the community, they will first try to recruit them. If that fails, they will usually leave them alone. Strong targets are risky and usually end up costing the bully more than he gains.

  • LBullies are in-love with themselves. They have little to no empathy, and are only interested in their own activities, and their own power. A bully may help others who are in his gang, or help other respected members of the community, but only for his own advancement and glory.
More in the piece.
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@Cort is one big bully!

The bullies are the ones who spend their time looking for any tiny morsel, relevant or not, misconstruing content and intent, to throw it back in the faces of people who disagree with them. It rarely has anything to do with the OP or the content of the thread.

This energy could be used for positive contributions instead of always looking for a way to disrupt things.


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One characteristic I've seen to be common in forum bullies is an unwillingness to tolerate disagreement. They treat disagreement as an insult and therefore feel justified in attacking anyone who disagrees with them.

Civil discussions of differing points of view are not possible with them. There is no agree to disagree with them. Everyone must agree with them or they go into attack mode. You can easily find them in the threads that have become acrimonious. They are the ones flinging insults and making other personal attacks. They stop addressing the topic and start attacking the people.

They start using 'you' a lot. You don't hear "that statement is illogical because...", but rather "you are illogical" or "you won't see reason."

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