Four Different ME/CFS/FM Recovery Stories: One Theme?


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it's supposed to drive out the bugs from your cells which will cause some flu-like symptoms, or worsen the ones you already have, but my (former) ME specialist prescribes it along with several immune stimulating supplements so an entire treatment with this, on your own, I'd advice against but as just a testing tool it would be great: no response and one could probably rule out a viral cause

also, just this 'med' didn't cut it for me, needed like 5 more and my pissiness comes more from the fact that I'm making every mistake (not) in the book and therefore something that could have been done in 8 months is taking an eternity :meh:

another good viddy btw, Cort (I couldn't find the post where the others were anymore)!
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just by taking this, you could rule out it being a viral cause?!
Actually, that's a pretty big rule out right there!
I DO understand your frustration about taking all the wrong things.... or doing all the wrong things.
I feel like I've been doing that for 9 years!
BTW, the pisssssy part was just me making a really bad joke about the ssssnake part!
Thank you, my friend, I will mention this to my specialist.


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Interesting commonalities between these recovery stories.

"Emotional stressors activate exactly the same pathways as infectious stressors." -- this is a big statement. Have we heard this before? Maybe I've read it in the past & forgotten -- or is it new?

I completely agree with you . As i noted in a post in my blog (where i talk about worsening of my ME/CFS post-mononucleosis in 1998) at , after a long period (> 6 months) of great stress at work in year 2008 i dramatically worsened and started a worsening period. More stress, unable to maintain necessary leves at work, more stress, less energy, increased hypersomnia (and secondary hypoadrenalism diagnosed along with HHV-7 and EBV positive PCR). I keep worsening , because of Immunovir (Isoprinosine), which i'm taking for a year , but I feel different. Now I'm aware that ANS disfunction is really part of the perpetuating of the illness , and i'm trying to keep away from people , stress, and also family in some way. I sleep more and i don't mind about saying "no" to my friends....well, the few one i have after ME/CFS .
My ME/CFS doctor sent me to a dietitian who collaborates with her about autoimmune diet and even if in the first weeks the more work to prepare fresh food etc. was a disaster, now i think it's a part of a possible recovery. Possible, not yet existing.
Last but not less important note : oddly, even in my case a dopaminergic drug, modafinil (provigil) is extremely useful in my ME/CFS , so i'm very interested in the combination of 4 dopaminergic drugs i never tried listed in one rocovery story above !
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