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Who is this guy? An Aussie who wrote a book is all I can find.
I don't know, someone in a group I'm in alerted us that it was free today. I've read a bit - he had CFS - the way he treated it sounds similar to what I've heard of the Gupta program, but since I'm not real familiar with it and am only in the beginning of the book, can't say for sure.

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I couldn't find anything about him except stuff on twitter, instagram etc which I don't do.

Gupta program is just kind of like CBT. Brain training to be calm. Worries me, stuff like this.

Zero about him except tons of instagram posts and touchy feeling stuff.

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Here's the link if anyone wants it. IMO just more bs we've heard a hundred times.

A guide to healing, coping and transformation, for readers of Brene Brown, Lissa Rankin, Eckhart Tolle, Mark Hyman and Don Miguel Ruiz.

"Awaken Wellness - How to Navigate Through the Hell of Chronic Illness and Heal Your Life," simplifies the interconnectedness of brain, body and spirit to empower you to begin the journey toward not only healing yourself from a life of chronic illness, but thriving on a path of wellness you created for yourself.

No more struggling and looking for answers. Learn all the things about ME/CFS doctors won't tell you about to survive and thrive. The author's extensive research and journey to recovery using every possible healing modality is condensed and simplified into a concise and manageable format for you to learn from, take action and heal your life.

You will learn:

  • What to do when you're abandoned by the medical system and given no practical advice to manage chronic pain and cope with the loss and emotional turmoil living with a chronic illness brings.
  • How to take back your power from dismissive doctors who misdiagnose invisible illnesses as mental illness and write your own prescription to heal yourself.
  • How to promote healing in every aspect of your life by integration of mind, body and spirit.
  • How to use positive psychology to transform your mindset and foster emotional resilience in the face of constant health hurdles.
  • The tests you can have your doctor won't tell you about.
  • Why gut health and digestive wellness is crucial to healing your body from chronic illness.
  • Dietary guidelines as a solution for healing chronic inflammation and autoimmune response.
  • How emotional states affect physical biology and how to permanently live in a healing state.
  • How to reduce your stress response so your body can begin to heal itself.
  • Techniques for easily getting resorative sleep.

"After a decade of declining health and no medical answers, I finally experienced the crash. I was given a one-page info sheet and told by my doctor Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was forever and I should just go home to bed. So I did. For over a year. I couldn't read, write, speak, shower myself, cook, lift my arms or walk and lived with agonizing pain, tinnitus, migraines, brain fog, developed allergic reactions to everything and barely existed with no light and no sound.

"I was told to accept this fate but refused. I had to educate myself, fight for tests and argue with doctors who laughed in my face, but I persevered. I took small, compounding actions every single day for years.

"Now I am well. And I fight for you."

Knowledge is power and this book provides the knowledge you need to empower yourself with the resources to heal your life from chronic illness.

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