Fungal meningitis from Seroid pain shots

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    I'm thinking this is only the tip of the iceberg:

    Apparently some steroid shots were contaminated with fungus and people died, around 2012. I certainly got shots around that time, but not from that pharmacy. Still, the problem may be larger than we think. Whenever I read up on it, I'm repeatedly confronted with "this is extremely rare." Well yeah we can label it rare and stop looking for just about anything.

    I started looking into it, because once again, I tried to use probiotics and once again it proved only that my immune system is compromised. I got an end of the world migraine from it. :inpain::vomit:

    I hadn't even heard of that. But every single doctor I've EVER talked to has asked me "have you had meningitis in the past?" But they never bother to test.

    I have both of the signs

    What does it take to be diagnosed and treated for this?
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    Update: I took my last leftover Fluconazonle with my Zomig with this migraine and it worked as intended this time. Lately zomig has not had enough of an effect on the migraine. I also don't feel like I usually do with zomig: like each joint is stiff and achy. I'm currently in the "stunned" state that follows a migraine of this magnitude, so I'll be brief. I think that fungal infection is the key to my migraines. I had gone a couple of years without any fungal infections until (i guess) this past spring. Then this spring I had a series of yeast infections (hence the fluconazole). I think that drug is way underused.

    A description of fungal infections that's free open access online:

    Click the full text links button and you'll find where to download the PDF of the full article. Thank you, Swiss researchers.

    It might explain why I feel so much better when I starve my body of sugar.
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    Here's something else that's relevant showing that fungal clearance is worse if you use steroids. Relevant, if you believe that HIV is the killer cousin to ME/CFS. I happen to believe that, in the absence of a better theory.

    Article: According to study findings published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, treatment with the anti-inflammatory steroid dexamethasone is associated with slowed clearance of fungal infections in HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis. Additionally, the use of dexamethasone in these patients may accelerate the decline rate of TNF-α concentrations, resulting in worsened clinical outcomes. The study was led by Justin Beardsley, PhD, of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam.
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