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    I have had CFS for almost a year. In the process of figuring it out, I also learned that my DHEA-S is significantly above normal, likely due to a very mild congenital adrenal hyperplasia (there is family history of this, and other potential issues such as PCOS have been ruled out).

    This study of DHEA-S and cortisol levels in people with CFS found that galantamine decreased DHEA-S in a significant subset of patients, the same as those who reported improvement of CFS symptoms. But a 2004 study in JAMA with a larger sample size pretty convincingly showed no effect of galantamine over placebo for CFS improvement.

    I would like to try a course of galantamine treatment, first because it's possible it might work for me, say if there were too few people with high DHEA-S in the 2004 study, and because it seems like one of the safest experimental options I have -- and moreover, because I have good reasons to want to reduce my DHEA-S levels even if it doesn't help my CFS.

    My question is: How to get trustworthy galantamine legally in the USA? I understand it's over the counter as a supplement in other countries, but it's not clear what the situation is here. I expect my doctors would be hesitant to prescribe me what they see as an Alzheimer's drug, but can try.

    I am also an EU citizen, if that helps.

    Any related knowledge or insights appreciated! :)
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