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Check out a simply fantastic and lengthy article on Unrest, gender bias and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) in Cosmopolitan.

Unrest, getting major media attention, knocks it out of the park again!

"Scholars, meanwhile, theorized that the condition was a “culturally-sanctioned flight into illness” on the part of career women trying to take on too much. “‘Liberated’ by feminism to enter previously all-male occupations, women in the 1970s found themselves exhorted to ‘have it all’ by combining a demanding career with a rich and fulfilling family life,” according to a 1992 article in Psychosomatic Medicine. By the eighties, these “superwomen” were supposedly subconsciously looking for an excuse to slow down. A diagnosis of ME/CFS, a 1991 article in The American Journal of Psychiatry explained, provided a “legitimate ‘medical’ reason for their fatigue, emotional distress, and associated psychophysiological symptoms.”

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I can't express how happy I am to read "(Unrest) will be out on iTunes next month"

Yeeeyyyy!!!! :singing:

This sleeping lion is about to ROAR!

My favorite part of that article: In a bizarre irony, it may be partly because ME/CFS is so debilitating that the medical system has been able to overlook it for three decades. “Sometimes people think, ‘If it’s really this bad, how could it have been ignored?'” Brea tells me. “Because people with this disease have such a hard time leaving their home or engaging in advocacy. When you can see us, we look normal, and when we’re sick, you’re not going to see us. It’s created this problem that no one can see.”
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Can someone point me to a valid link for the Unrest movie, on any online platform? Or an announcement about when/where it will be available? Because when I search, I end up on an endless loop of scams from Youtube. This is really dangerous. The misdirection provided by the discordian police can really damage our cause. If it's online, then where is it? Or when is it? Who's reporting those fake 90 minute "movies" on youtube with a "watch full movie" link in the corner.... when you click it, you end up on a scam site.

Is this one real?

I'm too scared to pay, honestly.

There are about a hundred like this also:

I tried to report 5 of them, but the website hangs after about three reports. It makes you fill out questions every time, and eventually even filling it out doesn't work and you're stuck in an endless loop waiting for a swirly on your screen. I'm not impressed with the Youtube release. It seems fraught with copycats.
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I just re-read that and it doesn't say what I was thinking. What I meant was, I'm not impressed with Youtube's laxity about how they publish premium content, and then they allow all the copycats to run amok.

OK I think I found the official link(s) and they are here:

Although the link says iTunes, it seems to be available on several media outlets. Breaking out the champagne!! :) :) :) :) :)
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