Genetic Testing, Should i do the 23andme or Ancestry testing?

Discussion in 'Testing and Diagnosis' started by GG, Sep 16, 2016.

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    Based upon info in this posting below, which genetic testing is best for the money? 23andme or Ancestry?

    If I am going to spend some money on this, would want to get the best value. So if Ancestry is just a little cheaper, and does not provide as much info. This is a new realm for me, not well versed. Thanks for your input!

    Dr. Klimas just needs your genetic data, and you don't need to go to your doctor to get it. 23andME provide the genetic analyses and you provide them to Dr. Klimas's safe, encrypted database. (23andME's is more expensive and provides sex chromosome data and reports. With the exception of the sex chromosome data, provides the same data to Dr. Klimas), Not only will you contribute to helping solve this disease but you'll probably find out some interesting stuff about your genetic heritage.

    Reminds me that I need to see what is going on with my Enrollment in the Sove ME/CFS Initiative Biobank, my Dr sent in the paperwork, or so I was told. Not sure if they should have contacted me by now?

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    What is grating? Think I have been tested for MTHR mutation, and have that. was years ago! Does the Ancestry data come in useful, I come from a Yuge family. LOL So perhaps there would be more value doing that?

    Probably will not have the money for this until after Xmas. I am Not looking for treatment, (but if something comes of it sooner, than later, Great!) for data, just to try to help the science move Forward!

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    I wasn't even aware ancestry did anything for medical related genes, they don't advertise it very well if they provide that, they make it sound like you only get to know about your racial/ethnic history, but I haven't read the fine print just their little section on their website for it.

    I have my issues with 23 and me - a little concerned with the privacy of it, despite the fact that I would share it with this study (there is some affiliation with google to 23andme supposedly, so some people are a bit concerned over that).

    I don't have money for either, I think if I did it I would go with 23andme, I heard you can bring the results to a genetic counselor? But I'm not sure how "legit" that would be. If I buy it I'm going to wait for a sale or a coupon or a gift certificate if they make those. At this point my parents would have to spend their money on this for me as I have no income, and I'm just not sure "to help a research study about my disease" is convincing enough for them, unless I was seeing a doc at Nova personally who recomended it.

    The appeal with 23 and me isn't the charts they actually give you, it's the sequences themselves that you run through 3rd party decoders.
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    Thank you for your thoughts.

    No income here either, but hope to be getting my disability around the beginning of the new year!

  5. Remy

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    I think I would do 23andme too...according to Ben Lynch of MTHFR, Ancestry just does not provide the same level of information.
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    I think 23andme eliminated many medically-relevant genes, kicked by FTC? I emailed them yesterday as to whether they currently test for COMT and OPRM1 genes, related to meditation, hypnosis effectiveness, and some other stuff. Nope. I don't think they provide anything helpful anymore at level I want, probably no way for individual to buy good analysis anymore without medical support.
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    I was happy going with 23andme

    also happy with analysis provided using selfdecode (through self hacked)

    pretty sure there was info on the COMT gene too