Getting off of beta blockers - try number 84565639903 ;)

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    I think beta blockers are pretty evil, especially if you have adrenaline issues already (which I do). I'd rather use an ACE inhibitor if one could be identified that had proper testing for use in migraine. However, it's ideal to not be taking drugs unless absolutely the last resort. So I'm grappling once again with getting off of Nadolol. It wore off a few days ago (it has a one WEEK long effect!). I'm dealing with dizzzy and disconnected feelings. And I can't sleep.

    Anyone beat the beta bear? And have some tips? Or just some kind words. I could use it.

    I'm back on keto, which is handling my blood pressure just fine. I'm barely maintaining a 1:1 ratio though, so it's a very low level keto, less strict even than Atkins induction. I have no gallbladder so I have to approach keto with a transition, instead of a cold turkey switch. Anyway my BP is "normal" but actually lower than before. My systolic floats around 128-135 with Nadolol, with keto, and no nadolol, it's around 115-125. Which, I think is actually low, because the "normal" level has gone downward int he past few years.

    The goal of getting off bp meds is partly because it's hell to exercise with them, for me. And I want to retrain my body to be more resilient, within its limits. While on a beta blocker, the "limits" are false, which adds to the confusion of how functional I can be.

    I'm trying to find material discussing athletes and training one's blood pressure to regulate better, and I'm mostly finding the usual crap about hypertension among athletes. This article is telling, since they are saying "oh no, we shouldn't tell people about this since they might not exercise if they know.." Which is bs, since I'll exercise till the day I die. Being unable to move is misery.

    I've hard some people here talk about heart rate variability. I'd like to learn more and about how it might connect with bp and exercise. Suggestions for things to read welcome.
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    Thanks for the beta blocker experience. Yes, often when we start these drugs , we are not given info about getting off of them, and likely side effects.
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    I wish so much that when my doctor initially said "it's not that you can't be an athlete on it, but it might not bother you..." and trailed off, I'd been more inquisitive. And I did ask him about getting off, and then he lied to me saying it was a taper. He never said it would boomerang after a week.

    I did sleep last night, during the night, which is a win for me.

    There might be more boomerang effects though. I've been off for over a month before and yet my bp crept up and I got headaches and went back to it.

    To be fair, when I started it, I was having daily crippling migraines with auras. So it's not like it wasn't helpful ever. I'm in a better place now though.
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