Getting the right diagnosis

I first got sick in 2004 but was able to continue working until 2008. During that time I saw a rheumatologist,neurologist and psychologist in addition to my GP. No one had any answers so I went to the Mayo Clinic. All I could get were vague guesses. Perhaps an autoimmune disorder or fibromyalgia. In 2009 I went to see a CFS specialist who diagnosed me with ME. I asked him if I could have Lyme disease but he dismissed the idea. He was wrong. Last year a new test called phage borrelia (Redlabs in Belgium) was done by a different doctor and it was positive for borrelia DNA. I opted for 10 pass ozone treatment and Meyers Cocktail. I also had hormone tests rerun thru Spectra Cell labs and discovered that my thyroid function was almost nonexistent, pituitary and adrenal functionality and estriols were low. All were normal with Labcorp. Now with appropriate hormone replacement and ozone, I have recovered. I have to recondition myself after such a long disability but I am able to exercise again with no PEM.
I am writing this so that others can be tested for tick borne bacteria. The doctor running the phage test has been astounded at the number of CFS patients who have Lyme.
This test is not an antibody titer but a DNA test that sequences the bacteria. Any doctor in any country can order this test for 360.00 USD. I chose ozone therapy but antibiotics are also considered a viable treatment.
I lost 15 years of my life unnecessarily. If even one doctor has tested for Lyme ......

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