GMO corn shows changes in glutathione and metabolic enzymes

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    A report indicating GMO corn is nowhere near 'substantially the same' as regular corn was published a couple of years ago. The description sounds a lot like, if that corn were a human, it would have ME/CFS:
    Article: Proteome profiles of the maize kernels revealed alterations in the levels of enzymes of glycolysis
    and TCA cycle pathways, which were reflective of an imbalance in energy metabolism. Changes in
    proteins and metabolites of glutathione metabolism were indicative of increased oxidative strType your article here

    Organic food cannot be a GMO, by the way. There is also a cheaper 'verified non GMO' label (blue recangle with a butterfly). It doesn't ensure the health value of the food as much as organic,but it might be more accessible for some.
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