Grounding has helped with sleep


What is grounding?
I don't know what exactly it is but I know it reduces my charge to zero when I do it

I use a multimeter so it is not my imagination

I just run a wire from the ground socket in the house and touch it to my body
Please don't stick wires in any other socket


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I just run a wire from the ground socket in the house and touch it to my body
Please don't stick wires in any other socket

Hmm. That does kinda remind me of my dads old car when my sister and I were childs. We both had problems with the static electricity the car generated, mainly feeling nausiated when being driven in the car. Our parents laughed at it first, but later on decided to put that rubber thing with a metal conductor in the form of a lightning on the car. The metal connected with the ground. Didn't solve the problem completely, but it did help for both of us. As they sold it in the service station, we weren't the only ones...

Maybe it is static electricity that somehow aversely affects health? In that case, it may be helpfull to look at clothing, shoes, fabric of chairs... I still get from time to time an electric shock when stepping out of my car and touching the metal of the car with my hands. I blame the synthetic chair fabric.

Wool, rubber soles and some synthetic fabrics are a main source of static electricity. Maybe a matress too? I thought long grounding was a New Age thing as our bodies being loaded with electromagnetic fields doesn't made sense, but if it is plain old static electricity then touching a metal water tap from time to time during the day may help too. And maybe for some, changing matress and bedframe?


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Some friends and my daughter were talking about grounding today and it's power.

One can sit and rest feet in dirt outside or on concrete outside or even in their bathroom with the floor that is concrete with tile on top. IN barefeet.


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My hubby and I find grounding highly beneficial. We walk barefoot alot and try to connect with the earth. Concrete has to be in the earth for that to work and some flooring if on top of it will cause it to not work. Natural stone on top is great. We all are electrical beings. It affects our energy.

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