Has anyone ever had their catecholamines tested?


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If I eat foods high in amines, I get spells where my b/p jumps really high. Because of this, a couple of times this past year I've had testing for a pheo(negative). What I did find was my norepinephrine is low the couple of times it was tested. I don't take anything that could lower it. Has anyone else been tested and found theirs is low,, too? It could very well explain why I have NO energy! But then I want to know WHY is it so low. Anyone know how that might be?


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It is most likely due to the nervous system in your kidneys/adrenals which also affects the immune system control. Have you ever had your cortisol levels checked? That can eventually become low when the nervous system degrades. This can be seen in the iris of the eyes just inside 6 o clock in both eyes which represents the kidney zones. The adrenals are at the top of this area. There should be a ring around the pupil approximately 1/3 out from the pupil. It can be show as a light/sort of white ring in some people but in others it is less pronounced. Inside that, next to the pupil, represents the digestive system where everything ME related happens. A dark grey marking in this area represents reduced function of the nervous system in the kidneys/adrenals and this will also affect a persons mood. FYI This grey marking always shows in people who sufferer from depression and anxiety.

BTW with Blue, like mine, grey and green eyes these markings can very easily be seen, it can be seen even when talking to people. A magnifying glass x3 or x4 placed on a mirror makes it easier to see when a light is used such as a pen torch.

Your energy problems are more to do with inflammation which adversely affects the enegy producing mitochondria. A lot of that comes from a combination of LPS and incompletely digestive food entering the bloodstream which causes lot so inflammation and an immune system reaction. This happens because of an Increase in Digestive Permeability caused by a biofilm protected pathogenic infection. This contributes to the high levels of LPS which is very highly inflammation causing.

Many people complain of energy problems in the general population. It is one of the most common symptoms expressed to Doctors but they have no idea why. Science is very poor IMO.

BTW there is a lot of very false research on Iridology put out by people who have interests to serve. There is quite a lot of good research about it such as accurately predicting kidney problems in T1 Diabetics with around 90% accuracy. There are a few such studies with slightly varying accuracy, high 80's to low 90's. However they don't understand the things that I am aware of which play a very big part in such conditions.

Don't waste time looking at Confessions of a former Iridologist because it is a fake site because he was never an Iridologist because no legitimate Iridologist would use such an incorrect Iris chart which was at one time shown on that site. The chart which they used, probably because it didn't have any copyright problems doesn't have the pancreas tail in the correct location which I know because I am T1 Diabetic. That has now been removed. I have no doubt that it is a fake site.

My pancreas tail shows a black marking with a small number of blue iris fibres inside, the black represents tissue destruction and the blue represents living cells has been confirmed by research.

Just a small fraction of what I know.


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You might not only be low in norepinephrine. You might be low in ATP and GTP, which what I have discovered is most likely happening in people with ME/CFS. This low ATP/GTP will make norepinphrine useless since it will not trigger the production of cAMP, the secondary messenger of norepinphrine to do the things it needs to do to give us energy. Which is mainly to bring calcium into the cell. See the image below.

ATP and GTP are rugluated by Magnesium, which will rasie cAMP and cGMP levels, and zinc which will lower them.


We have a metabolic pathway in our body that makes noreipinephrine and there are many vitamin and mineral cofactors for the genes in that pathway, or genetic defects, that lower norepinepherine. Zinc, B6, Iron, Copper, Vitamin C are pretty much all of them. Genetic polymorphisms in any of those genes mean you might need more than the average person.

I am the opposite of you, I have too much ATP and GTP and taking zinc has reveresed all my symtoms.

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