Has anyone tried Hypoxia "training"?


When I first got sick 13 years ago, I read something by Dr. Paul Cheney. He recommended a sort of "DIY" hypoxia training.

I've recently discovered that athletes are now starting to use hypoxia masks. I am considering buying one to try. I don't have an exact idea of how I would use it. But, thinking trying it for 5 - 10 minutes a day (2xs a day perhaps) during rest or walking to the bathroom.

Would love to know if anyone here has tried intermittent hypoxia "training" - and whether or not it helped in any way. Either short and/or long term effects.

I found the article. He talks about a rebreather mask, which I think has the same effect as the masks people are wearing to work out to imitate high altitude. It's an old article. Even so...?

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I haven't yet @Not dead yet! ... I was thinking about buying an "elevation" mask to try. I'm not sure that they make them latex free...which is what I would prefer. Also, I'm not sure if it's just a gimmick or if they do really imitate "elevation". I need to look into it more.


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i use a hypoxicator. I've had some improvement but not got consistent results yet. I find going to higher altitude works far better which is against the normal behaviour in CFS/ME. Even 300m (1000ft) can produce a small benefit.


Look at The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown. His breathing exercises mimic training at altitude. I think there is some benefit to consciously changing breath patterns vs putting on a mask.


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I've wanted to try this in the past but sadly all the rebreather masks are out of my price range right now.


I read some articles a few weeks ago about the "elevation masks" that people using during fitness training. I have decided to let the idea rest for now. One trainer explained so much detail how and why these "elevation masks" would actually be counterproductive ... something about compensation of other muscles, I think. Like the diaphragm ...and then he talked about the scalene muscles. Since reading the article by that trainer, and learning more about scalene muscles...it is my great hope to be able to somehow strengthen the scalene muscles.
As it happens, I it my head 2 weeks ago and suffered a mild concussion (my 3rd). So, I am not able to concentrate on trying to do anything like that atm...until the brain injury is more healed. I am more fatigued than my standard baseline. Anyway, if I can find that article by the trainer I will post it. I found it very insightful, and helped me make up my mind about (not buying an "elevation") the mask.

I do think it's probably safer to just do breathing exercises without any obstructive equipment. I know...it's all trial and error for us.

P.S. I found the article! I am not able to reread it atm. But, this man explains in great detail.


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