Has anyone tried ketamine infusions for fibromyalgia?

Hi all - I had a consultation with a pain management specialist today about trying ketamine IV infusions for my fibromyalgia. It is all done off-label and since there is not a ton of clinical trial evidence on it I am just doing my research, which includes asking if anyone has had positive or negative experiences trying ketamine infusion(s) for their fibromalgia?

Thanks in advance!


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I have taken it for several years for depression but I think part of why it helps my depression is that it helps pain. it doesn't help my pain for very long but for a short time i get a break from all physical pain and i guess emotional pain and i feel more resilient after for coping with pain and depression. also seems to help my anxiety. I initially got it for suicidal ideations which for me and many people it makes those thoughts complely vanish most of the time. I think it has saved my life.

when i talk to people about my own experience it is usually in peer support groups for people with developmental trauma and ptsd so I always warn people that it is known to cause problems for people with early childhood trauma where it can be re-traumatizing so it is important to be careful and get this type of therapy in a setting where you feel safe and comfortable and like the people administering it are doing a good job. I really like Raquel Bennett as an expert on ketamine for mental health stuff and there are videos on youtube of her talking about the risks and also the benefits and how helpful it can be that are very good.

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