Has your face changed?

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    We can't all be as handsome as Cort ;) but I'm wondering if others are seeing changes in their face structure and puffy levels. As I read more about thyroid and what it can do if it's out of whack, I'm coming across some interesting side issues like Myxoedema (swelling of the skin and other symptoms). I compared a picture of myself before I was "sick" to now and ok, I was younger then, but the structure of my face has really changed in a way that is consistent with Myxodema. I'm wondering if I should bring the "before picture" to my doctor.

    I think we generally register this face change as "ugly" and dismiss it. But I think the right word would be "sick." Here's an example:


    You can view other examples via this google search (I've removed many of the "patient rumor" websites). In case the link breaks the search term was: Myxedema before after -blaster -pinterest -metafilter -youtube

    I've always had "chubby cheeks" even as a child, so I'm wondering how this was missed all my life. People said "you'll grow out of it" but I didn't. And now it's bad enough I can see the examples reflect the changes in my own face. If nothing else, I think we need to stop looking at women who undergo cosmetic surgery as "spoiled" and "vain" - maybe they have an illness and they rightly don't want to be regarded as "ugly" by an unforgiving society that doesn't realize they're actually ill (or wouldn't forgive their appearance even if they did know).

    This sensitivity toward how I look has a serious effect on my feelings of belonging and acceptance. I don't think it's trivial or vain of me to want to look "normal." I also think we have an industry based on "facials" and skin being described as "fresh" and "taut" which is completely missing the point that these people are ill and all the facials in the world won't fix their thyroid.
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  2. Remy

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    Yes, for sure, but it's better now that I have had some improvements in my health. I don't cringe when I look in the mirror anymore. I don't think it's vanity at all to want to be well and healthy and look that way too.

    Look at these pictures too! It really is quite a distinctive look, hypothyroidism.
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    Those pictures are wonderful, thank you, Remy!

    I also seem to have the rash around my shins, but it comes and goes with my health. I used to think I was getting Scurvy rash, but my intake of Vitamin C is astronomical. I just didn't have any explanation before. I was getting thickening and swelling of the skin on top of my foot (along with itching and prickly feelings called "neuropathy" by doctors). It's gone now. I guess vitamin C can't fix everything alone.

    Also nothing has ever explained why my salivary glands were often swollen. I developed TMJ over many years, but the tenderness that led to the tightness and crossbite was just below the jawline. I've pointed it out to doctors millions of times. It never registered as anything significant for them.
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    @Not dead yet!
    Yes, I have noticed facial change too. Puffy eyes, and puffiness in lower cheeks. This seems important. I appreciate that a number of these viruses ( like EBV) that we all wonder about can also infect the thyroid. So, we could have multiple problems and organs involved????
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  5. Rachel Riggs

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    The salivary glands can be swollen from Sjogrens.
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  6. Not dead yet!

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    I'm not really sure how to get that diagnosed. I'd love to try to have it diagnosed. I'll have to look into what the treatment is. Thank you for suggesting it.
  7. Rachel Riggs

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    It's a simple blood test from Quest!
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  8. Ruth Kelly

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    Barring any issues that need to be addressed medically, I use a product called the FaceBlaster and it really helps you find the layers that were there before and removes some puffiness as well as lifts the eyes and just generally improves the fascia. The FasciaBlaster products, if you have the energy to use them, are pretty powerful. Best to explore the videos on proper use etc. The state of our fascia impacts many aspects of our health...
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    Thank you so much, I will check it out!!
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  10. Not dead yet!

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    What about Rolfing? Has that died out? That seemed to help me a while back. Or Alexander Technique?
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