Health Professionals Flood Unrest Screening


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Unrest is still making a big difference. In fact, in some ways it's making a bigger difference than ever.. Last month it was shown to public health officials and an all star ME/CFS panel in Berkeley.

Now 200 researchers and public health care officials have signed up to see it in Massachusetts. Ron Davis, Jen Brea and others will be there speaking. (Great to see Ron fly all the way across the country to do this...)

Just as occurred in Berkeley the conception Mass health professionals have of ME/CFS going to be transformed by this event - they will see this disease very differently afterwards - and hopefully act very differently. Who knows what could come out of it?

Thankfully the OMF is filming it. I can't wait to hear the panel discussion - and what questions from the audience show up. We'll be able to tell what "listening" or viewpoint the health professionals in Mass bring to ME/CFS by them.

Good news and interesting on all levels :)

From Rivka...

EXCITING NEWS! On Tues., March 27, I believe it will be the 1st time a U.S. State Health Department screens the film Unrest and hosts such a prestigious, high level panel of ME experts. About 200 Massachusetts researchers & healthcare professionals are pre-registered to attend. Panel includes: Open Medicine Foundation's Ron Davis; filmmaker Jennifer Brea; expert on ME in the schools and CFSAC chair Faith Newton; and Lisa Hall, a nurse with 17 years experience treating ME.

Thanks to Massachusetts CFIDS / ME & FM Association and Mass. Dept. of Public Health for co-organizing this important event! Please share! -- By the way, we have a professional filmmaker shooting the event. (He also shot the earlier event we held at the Regent Theatre in Nov. 2017.) This time, Open Medicine Foundation is helping to make this video available for all to see the event! Thanks, OMF!


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