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Health Rising is committed to providing a safe space where people with ME/CFS and FM can communicate about their daily lives, about coping effectively, finding good doctors and treatments, being skillful advocates, and understanding the research.

To this end Health Rising is dedicated to being the kind of place where the empowering conversations needed to support these efforts can and do show up.

Please, everyone on the Forums support Health Rising in its commitment to be a place of clean and honest communication - the kind of communication which supports each of us in our goals of getting healthier and making a difference for those with ME/CFS and FM.

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I just have to share these doctor's notes from Kaiser Permanente Urgent Care in Olympia, WA.

"Discharge instructions
From your story today, my exam, our lab studies and the imaging study I am reassured that there is not a serious underlying neurologic injury, a toxic reaction or some
other brain process that caused this bowel that is evident at this point.
I think this bears continued watching going forward and a follow‐up visit with her primary care doctor, please make an appointment to see them in a week or 2.
Given the underlying health condition with her chronic fatigue it seems reasonable that this spell may be another manifestation of that and/or some type of panic
disorder type event, perhaps related to some of the heart pounding symptoms that you get.
While there are some treatments the provide some benefit such as the lorazepam often symptoms can be improved with a mind over matter approach, using a therapist
as a coach and doing some treatment slight cognitive behavioral therapy. For chronic fatigue often some specific coaching with graduated exercise structure, and slowly
increasing the intensity is another proven approach that helps individuals with chronic fatigue not necessarily cure their condition but improved her level of functioning.
Please make an appointment to see her primary care doctor and talk about what part of these recommendations may be practical for you to pursue and which you
might have some motivation to explore further."

We all know about hysterical women, their mental conditions, etc. I am hysterical and confused and depressed however, I assure you the condition came first. Who wouldn't be when their life has totally been turned upside down and is totally unrecognizable with dreams crushed. Why can't doctors understand this. No plans to EVER visit a mainstream doctor again unless I have full blown flu.

I have heard this so often, that in the past I have believed it. They seem to think that any improvement, as in some remission, means their babble worked. Then come the relapses, worse than ever.

Sorry, but mainstream medicine causes me to rant.

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