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Hi all, I was prescribed steroid drops for my blocked ears, but it's not still clearing. I was suffering from chronic tinnitus fro a few years and I think so these two problems are related one another. I consulted an expert from hearing solutions (http://www.hearingsolutions.ca/) and after the evaluation, he said me that it's the starting stage of conductive hearing loss. Do I wanna use a hearing aid? Or will it eventually clear itself? Has anyone had this situation?

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Have you received any replies/info your question? I ask this because, while I've had ME/CFS for about four years, I didn't have a diagnosis (big surprise?), thus didn't discover this forum until relatively recently. I have had a blocked ear for about 6 days and despite antibiotics, antihistamines, inhalers and lots of home remedies, it's not improving. I've had blocked eustatian tubes before, but never anything like this. My doctor is in another city about three hours away so I can't just pop in. I'm very concerned because as of now I have basically lost hearing in my right ear. Please let me know if you have any info about your condition. Has it improved? Is it related to ME/CFS?

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I don't know if this is related to either of you but I thought I'd toss this in. I have tinnitus that started out of the blue. A few months ago I could feel something in my right ear (pressure) and my hearing was diminished. I was positive it was a blob of wax but I was told at the ENT office that I had a chronic condition where I didn't produce much ear wax. This caused dry skin to flake into my ear.

She had to scrape (ouch!) layers of dead skin off my ear drum a It didn't help the tinnitus but I can hear now. I have to put olive oil drops in my ears daily.

I just saw the PA in the docs office so maybe there is someone local who could take a peek. Again I don't know if this is anything like what you guys talk about. I will get a hearing test at some point but i have too many other things going on right now.

I think @Aaroninoregon has some ear/nerve damage so if he sees this maybe he can comment.

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