Heart Rate Variability Being Used to Reduce Pain

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    Heart rate variability testing is used to determine how your autonomic nervous system responds to stress.

    We know the ANS is whacked out in both FM and ME/CFS. In fibromyalgia and in some ME/CFS patients, pain itself dysregulates the ANS. Low HRV scores indicate the ANS has lost it's resilience in both ME/CFS and fibromyalgia but more importantly for people with FM and ME/CFS low HRV scores have also been tied to increased pain levels and poor sleep.

    Check out this article on Medpage which reports on the link between low HRV scores and pain and how the VA is using HRV biofeedback to reduce pain in veterans.


    One nice thing about HRV is that it's pretty darn cheap compared to most treatments.

    Find out more how to use HRV in a series of blogs by Karmin

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