Help! Do you have extra FAMVIR brand name (not generic) to spare?


Help! Do you have extra FAMVIR brand name (not generic) to spare? Or do you want to buy some with me from a compounding pharmacy? Details below.

Novartis, the drug manufacturer, has stopped making Famvir BRAND NAME. Yikes! My health goes down hill with out it.

I have tried a number of the different generic versions of Famvir, and also Valtrex, and I either get terrible side effects from them (horrible heartburn), or they are not that effective as a medication.

So I am searching for anyone who has an extra supply of FAMVIR BRAND NAME that they are not using. I have a prescription for it, of course, but no pharmacy has it anymore. Not in the US or abroad.

ALTERNATIVE IDEA: If anyone else needs Famvir brand name, like me, and you can no longer find it, let me know. We may be able to go in on a joint effort to get a compounding pharmacy to make it for us. Right now, the cost is out of my reach (thousands of dollars). But if others get involved and we split the cost, we may be able to afford it.


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I don't know if this helps, but I did a lot of research into famvir, valtrex, zovirax. That's listed in order of decreasing *absorption* of the active ingredient. So possibly you might find an injection form? I don't know if one exists, though.

How did you afford the brand name if you can't afford a compounding pharmacy? My compounding pharmacy is often cheaper than buying out of pocket at the local Walgreens. Not getting on your case about that, I'm just thinking maybe a better compounding pharmacy would help? Mine gives me estimates of the cost which are usually about $5 less than the actual cost, and usually $10-20 less than out of pocket costs.


Hi @Not dead yet!

I have not been able to get my insurance to cover compounding, but I was able to get them to cover brand name famvir.

Thanks for your thoughts on an injectable form. i heard of some injecting acyclovir (as an IV) a while back, but have not been able to get any of my doctors to agree to it.

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