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Discussion in 'Mast Cell and Histamine' started by madie, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. madie

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    I'm trying to construct a low histamine diet I can stick with, and I have 2 questions:

    Are all leftovers restricted, or only proteins? I've been freezing meat immediately after cooking, and can't figure out if I need to do the same with grains and vegetables.

    I'm traveling to Ohio in June for my mother's memorial service. Are there any safe food choices in restaurants? I can check menus ahead of time and pick my restaurant, and I don't mind eating nothing but "sides."
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    There isn't really a hard and fast rule on leftovers. Some people can handle some and other people have trouble. You just have to see what your own tolerance is for these items, unfortunately. I never had issues with leftover vegetables personally.

    I think your safest choice might be plain chicken or lamp and a green salad without dressing? Maybe take along a bottled salad dressing that you know you can tolerate and order a side of some safe veg too.

    I'd also think about taking an antihistamine before meals just for a little extra protection. Are you on Gastrocrom?
  3. madie

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    No, I don't take any medications; my situation is very irritating but not dangerous. I should have said 'compliant' foods rather than 'safe.' I'm taking quercetin, mangosteen, and vitamin C.

    Thanks for the food advice.
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  4. November Girl

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    I take supplemental DAO when eating questionable food. DAO breaks down histamine in the stomach. Our bodies make some, enough for most people.