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Brain fog has always been a problem for me since I came down with CFS in the beginning of 2014. Nothing helped it and some things made it worse. A month ago I tried a homeopathic remedy for stress Kali Phos 6X. I didn't expect much as I don't feel stressed out. But within a few days, my brain fog (forgetting why I went to a room in my house, feeling overwhelmed paying bills or settling disputes) started to lift and day by day got better and better. Within a couple of weeks, the fire in the belly returned and I started to undertake projects I had put off for 3 years. I skipped a few days last week, and the forgetfulness returned, so I am back to dissolving one pill in my mouth each morning. I shake the bottle 10X before emptying one in the cap and tossing it in my mouth. Before starting I stopped all coffee, mint, peppermint and cortisone cream. I am careful not to brush my teeth or eat 30 minutes before or after I dissolve the pill. The bottle says to take 4/day, but I find one is enough. There are 500 pills in the bottle, so it should last me for a while. As I said before, I was skeptical this would work, but am happy to have my brain back. Now if I could just find something to get rid of the fatigue!


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Hylands. I bought mine at a local health food store, but it's cheaper at Amazon.

That great news...homeopathics can work and I've used them and still do...Calms for sleep works great.

Never had the brain fog issue and for me I believe grape seed extract has done the job...circulation circulation.

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