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    Brain fog has always been a problem for me since I came down with CFS in the beginning of 2014. Nothing helped it and some things made it worse. A month ago I tried a homeopathic remedy for stress Kali Phos 6X. I didn't expect much as I don't feel stressed out. But within a few days, my brain fog (forgetting why I went to a room in my house, feeling overwhelmed paying bills or settling disputes) started to lift and day by day got better and better. Within a couple of weeks, the fire in the belly returned and I started to undertake projects I had put off for 3 years. I skipped a few days last week, and the forgetfulness returned, so I am back to dissolving one pill in my mouth each morning. I shake the bottle 10X before emptying one in the cap and tossing it in my mouth. Before starting I stopped all coffee, mint, peppermint and cortisone cream. I am careful not to brush my teeth or eat 30 minutes before or after I dissolve the pill. The bottle says to take 4/day, but I find one is enough. There are 500 pills in the bottle, so it should last me for a while. As I said before, I was skeptical this would work, but am happy to have my brain back. Now if I could just find something to get rid of the fatigue!
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    Interesting - who makes it?
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    Hylands. I bought mine at a local health food store, but it's cheaper at Amazon.
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    That great news...homeopathics can work and I've used them and still do...Calms for sleep works great.

    Never had the brain fog issue and for me I believe grape seed extract has done the job...circulation circulation.