brain fog

  1. R

    Anticholinergic Syndrome matches our symptoms remarkably. Is CFS/ME a low Acetylcholine issue? 10 Symptoms listed below. Including PEM!

    Anyone supplementing with Phosphatidyl Choline? Symptoms of Anticholinergic Syndrome: From: “1. “Brain Fog”, Poor Short-Term Memory: Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter needed by the neurons of the brain to communicate with...
  2. LittlestEngine

    Evoke qEEG EVP latency or reaction time

    Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone has done cognitive testing that involved reaction time or qEEG that involved ERP latently? Last year I completed cognitive testing (Stroop task,Go-No Go) and scored on the bottom 1% on reaction time but figured I was having a bad day since I’ve never really...
  3. T

    Helped reduce brain fog

    Brain fog has always been a problem for me since I came down with CFS in the beginning of 2014. Nothing helped it and some things made it worse. A month ago I tried a homeopathic remedy for stress Kali Phos 6X. I didn't expect much as I don't feel stressed out. But within a few days, my brain...
  4. Lycosa

    New here... advice on finding Diagnosis/Treatment?

    Hello, I am new here and I'm not sure if I am in the right place - I haven't been diagnosed with ME/CFS or Fibro or, well, anything specific yet. All I have is an ever increasing list of bizarre symptoms, and medical bills, and frustration. The most recent developments have been POTS and...
  5. Cort

    The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Brain Fog Poll

    Brain fog is one of the most troubling symptoms of ME/CFS and FM but the situations it can put us in have their humor as well. This poll is inspired by Laura Chamberlain's striking and often hilarious (at least in retrospect) accounts of the brain fog she's experienced in 18 Types of Brain Fog...

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